Glenn’s debut album.

Besides Glenn’s solo career  he is a much seen sideman, playing guitar on stage with numerous  artists & bands, He is bringing out his first solo record named Vibes.


Glenn about VIBES:


Vibes is an album I wanted to bring out a long time. Every time I pick the guitar up it could be  in a different mood setting , situation, style,  groove or even the ‘Vibe’ I myself are  in. On Vibes I wanted the listener to get acquainted with me and my guitar in as many Vibe scenery’s possible. The guitar can be used in almost every kind of music .That is kind off the charm of the instrument and something I wanted to present on this record. On one side I’m a Rocker but on the other side I wouldn’t turn my back on Jazz/Soul/Funk/Country or even Classical music.


The Tracks of VIBES



On this track I try to tell a story almost like a novel, or as a narrator telling a big adventure story with a twist at the end . For the smooth sounding guitar parts I used my ES335 , when the track gets more aggressive long the way, I used my Fender Stratocaster 57 RI maple neck to cut through the mix.


It’ll be ok:

Kind of a ‘Vibe’ that calms U down , it has really nice vacation Vibe in it. U can imagine palm trees and cocktails with this Vibe. I used my nylon string  guitar on this track, it gave me immediately  the Mediterranean sound.


The Club

A place U want to hang out relax have a bear hear funky  jazz music , this Vibe we all know on Sunday afternoons.


Broken Dreams

We all had friends that we met and then lost contact with, or even the relationships that broke cause off whatever reason. This track expresses that feeling, that mood when you’re alone and think about old memories.  An old but trusty Strat cries out on this track.


Service With A Smile

Next day go to work, drink coffee, be nice to all your office buddies and of course to all your clients. This kind off ‘Vibe’ I see a lot, this music would be perfect for that Vibe. To get that dark brown business guitar sound, I had to dust off an old jazz guitar of mine. It’s a Howard Roberts Fusion III



Probably one of the most fun and crazy tracks to record. Vibes was recorded in the Highwood-studio. This studio is located in the north of Holland.  It’s really a ‘country’ side of Holland. So every time I drive out of town to the Country, I get in this Country Vibe. Lot’s of cows, farmers, tractors, windmills, acres of green grass and if it’s quiet you’ll see Tumbleweed passing by in a quiet village. The gear I used was a diversity of string instruments : Banjo, Slide guitar Dobro, Martin Steel string  and Harmonica.



Accomplices’ TumbleWeed in a backward way. It’s when you drive with your car full speed on the highway from the country to the city. People getting more aggressive on the road, more roadblocks, more asphalt roads , more traffic lights….  Yes welcome to the city. So I needed a High gain sounding guitar and only one guitar can do that : my Les Paul made quite an entry on Vibes’s Roadkill.



That feeling I get before I go a gig. Get everything sound checked, prepare all my guitar parts get the right gear for the gig. Get in the car and go!!! Again the Les Paul and my very loud Marshall did another round off roaring goodness.



To get back on the first track of Vibes, SuperSecretAgentManCity

tells a story about any town far behind closing time, people going home from pubs , police everywhere and there is even a detective spying around. One of my workhorses the Fender Red Strat 62 RI was shredding away on this last track of Vibes.


These great musicians play on VIBES:


Patrick Kamps Rhodes - Keys

Dave Breidenbach - Bass

Marc Schenk - Drums

Remco van de Sluis - Drums

Ruben Mulder - Hammond

Xander Treffers - Keys

Wouter Wierda - Tenor Sax

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